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Founded in 1969 under the motto of "Always Thinking Productivity", Cutting Tools Inc. is the premier distributor and machine solutions provider for the Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Firearms, and Medical manufacturing industries.

After more than 50 years of experience and proven excellence, we are more than just a distributor for our customers, we are a business partner. Our focus is on cost savings and ensuring our customers are more profitable by manufacturing their parts in less time and at less cost.

We are an engineering driven, machine solutions provider and we solve our customers' problems at the spindle, saving time and money while making them more efficient and profitable. Our sales team is comprised of degreed engineers and those with decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, and we know that sets us apart.

Our Customers' Success Is Our Priority

Though tooling costs only account for 3% of production cost, the right tools can increase overall productivity. Using the right cutting tools can decrease your actual cycle time. It also means substantial increases in overall productivity and saving costs in other areas. Our technical tooling competency has helped customers double and even triple their productivity while saving them time and money.

pie chart showing only 3% of cost is on tooling

What We Do

From turn-key tool setup and CNC programming to coolant management and engineering consulting, we've got your machining needs covered. Our expertise extends to tool reconditioning, ball screw repair, gaging, metrology, MRO, and inventory management. By recognizing that all of our customers have their own unique needs and requirements, our commitment continues to not just be selling a product, but ensuring that each of our customers receive the best customized solutions. Contact Cutting Tools Inc. to see how we can optimize your operations.

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